Coordination and regulatory support across Europe

Coordination and regulatory support
across Europe

This service is utilised by small start-up companies or companies that have not yet had a product reach the EU market. They generally have no in-country regulatory resource. This service may also be of interest to medium sized companies who do not have presence in all EU countries.

This service can be used during the entire registration process, through to launch and marketing of the product once it is approved. We can guide you through the country to country requirements for local regulatory strategy, post-approval submissions, launch preparation, promotional copy review, healthcare compliance, PV, quality, supply chain & labelling review and pricing and reimbursement.

We have a network of partners around the world. All our partners are fully qualified and have significant experience in their area and market.

You only need to deal with one contract, one point of contact, one invoice and you will receive consistent consolidated feedback.

We will discuss your needs and co-ordinate the collection of the information or provision of services with our partners.


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